Illuminant technology projected onto a medical "dummy".

Our next-generation tool to guide surgeons is designed to be as easy to use as a surgical lamp 

We have everybody in our design: surgeons, care centers, and, most importantly, patients.

Markerless Registration

Projective Guidance Display

Lamp-like Optical Head

High Precision Infrared Optical Tracking

Sub Millimeter Accurate Depth Imaging

Quick, Frictionless Setup


Here are the answers to our most common questions

I’m interested in learning more, how can I trial the system?

Email us at! We can schedule a time for you to visit our lab and trial the product in person.

How does the Illuminant Navigation System work?

At a high level, we use advances in graphics, vision, simulation, and sensing in order to create a digital twin of the patient from their medical images, match that digital twin to the patient’s pose on the operating table, and re-project information directly on their skin.

What kinds of procedures do you intend to use the device for?

We’re focusing our efforts in spinal surgery. However, we intend to expand to other neurosurgical and orthopedic indications.

Still want to know more?

Ask us here and we’ll answer right away.

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