Illuminant Surgical

Building surgical navigation that is


Our technology makes surgical navigation immersive

We are revolutionizing how surgeons visualize anatomy by building headset-free technology to build a projective, mixed reality clinical environment. We make subdermal anatomy, entry points for surgical instruments, incision guidelines, and real-time annotations easy to see by displaying directly on the patient’s skin.


Our technology makes surgical navigation easy to use

We are leveraging advances in computer vision and sensing to allow care teams to set up within seconds the entire surgical navigation system––without any invasive markers. Our goal? Making surgical navigation as easy as turning on a surgical lamp.


Our technology makes surgical navigation accessible

We believe in democratizing access to quality surgical care. Our surgical navigation platform is portable and scalable to all types of healthcare facilities across the world––from rural, ambulatory surgical centers to large, academic hospitals. We make this possible by combining advances in software and computer vision with commercial, off-the-shelf sensors and optics.

Eldrick Milares
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
James Hu
Co-Founder, Chief product officer
Ikaasa suri
Chief clinical officer
Brian nguyen
mechanical engineer
phil o'connor
software engineer

Our Team



names Illuminant

as one of its favorites from YC's S22 Demo Day

In September, Illuminant participated in Y Combinator's Pitch Day as part of the S22 batch. TechCrunch selected Illuminant as one of its favorites from hundreds of companies.

Y  C O M B I N A T O R

accepts Illuminant

into S22 batch

Check out our feature on Y Combinator's site! Illuminant is honored to have been selected to be a part of Y Combinator's incredibly selective S22 batch. WIth their support, we will continue building the future of surgery and modernizing tools for clinicians in the OR.
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