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Illuminant Completes its Second Cadaveric Study

March 2, 2023

On March 1st, Illuminant completed its second cadaveric study at the Rhode Island Health Orthopedic Foundation (RIHOF) in Providence, RI. During the study, neurosurgeons Dr. Matthew Carr from Mount Sinai Hospital and Dr. Gabriel Friedman from Massachusetts General Hospital placed instrumentation in the thoracolumbar spine of our cadaveric subject using Illuminant's navigation platform for guidance. We are thrilled about our results and with the technical progress our engineers have made.

Dr. Friedman placing a Jamshidi needle using guidance reticles and the depth scale - both UI elements of Illuminant's surgical navigation platform. Ikaasa Suri, our Chief Clinical Officer, is behind him taking notes to share with the rest of the team.

The postoperative scans of our subject showed the high navigational accuracy of our system. We are grateful to our partners at RIHOF, Mount Sinai, and Massachusetts General Hospital for this milestone.

Illuminant overhead equipmentIlluminant overhead equipment

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