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ASPN Accepts Illuminant Research for 2023 Conference

June 14, 2023

Research conducted by the Illuminant Clinical Team has been accepted to the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience (ASPN) 2023 Annual Conference in Miami Beach, FL. This first-of-its-kind review focuses on the emerging technological domains in interventional percutaneous pain, with a specific focus on eXtended Reality, robotics, and endoscopy. In our work, we generate specific rates of usage across technological domains, enumerate which procedures are most commonly reported with these tools, discuss how these tools have improved treatment and patient outcomes, and outline areas for improvement. Most importantly, we found that while each technological domain offers its own specific advantages, much development is needed in the realm of reducing cost for these technologies and improving access to education for lower learning curves. With our technological progress here at Illuminant, we are confident that our surgical navigation platform can address these gaps.

This project was led by our Chief Clinical Officer, Ikaasa Suri, with assistance from three of our superstar Research Associates (Dr. Paul Morgan, Sujay Ratna, and Juan Sebastian Arroyave Villada) and Dr. Jasvinder Singh at the University of Minnesota. We are excited to touch down in Miami very soon to share our great work!

Illuminant overhead equipmentIlluminant overhead equipment

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